Online Dating Advice: Action Over Information

Geplaatst op 01-04-2024

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There is a ton of information out there and I recommend getting clued up about the situation you are in. Information is power when acted upon of course but most people seem to forget about that last bit ACTED UPON. If you don’t actually get out there and use the “attraction” advice or profile tips then it’s kinda worthless reading it in the first place.

You might hear yourself say, oh but il use it in the future but it’s more than likely that you will just forget all about what you read. Unless you bookmark the page or write down the advice in a useable format your just clogging up your brain with more stuff it doesn’t need.

Loveawake dating site blog have great tips as do any other website yet you still seem to see people in and out of relationships... getting divorced... struggling to get dates... or crying over an ex.

It’s almost like all of this is simply human nature and despite knowing all to well what we SHOULD do we fail to put 99% of what we read into action. Perhaps most people are happy with how there life is and they are just reading information to fill some void, information gap, boredom or feeling of pain.


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If the information at hand solved one of these problems just by reading it then I guess it served a very useful purpose.

However inside each article, tip or piece of advice there is usually and action step you can extract and use in your daily life.

It may not be immediately apparent or even stated at the end but you need to get into the habit of finding what it’s trying to tell you from a practical standpoint. Whether it be how to approach women, or how to lose weight or how to handle rejection, your reaction to incoming information is crucial to eliminating the root cause of whatever pain you feel.

Reading information is a short term solution if not acted upon, hopefully not to your amazement the pain returns even stronger a week down the line.

Perhaps your lonely and get even more lonely each time you refuse to do anything about it.

You could:

Work on your profile

Email singles in your area

Get out of the house

Go to parties and ACTUALLY approach and chat to potential dates

Force yourself to signup for new hobbies and groups to expand your social circle.

Anyone of these small actions could be the long term solution to your loneliness. Unfortunately many singles just can’t seem to get past that first barrier of actually taking action. Whether it’s because they cant be bothered with love anymore, feel inadequate and insecure or just plain depressed the advice they seek will not solve their problems.

You can buy all the courses and be intellectually sound on every topic of dating and relationships but why are you still single?

Understanding how the body metabolises fat will not get you laid (or slim) RUNNING WILL. Yes advice has indirect positive effects but if your really serious about change you need to decide to actually do something about it.

What you really need it enough reasons to act: Surely a life of silent desperation is big enough reason to change?

Sadness, Anger, Guilt, Shame?

Christ whatever it takes to get you out the door. Be HONEST about where your life is heading based on your current actions.

Perhaps that email you finally sent last night resonated with someone and you were able to organise a date for the following weekend.

Perhaps that woman you finally approached last night actually had a CRUSH on you all along, turns out her dad’s a millionaire and she invites you on a trip around Europe for the upcoming holiday!

Dude you can only dream and you might as well dream big because no one person will do the dreaming for you.

ACTION is what brings results whether it be financially or emotionally. If you want to lose the weight get out and sign up for that gym (or better yet find a sport you love... gyms are expensive).

If you want dates work on yourself

– communication skills require you to TALK more with women

So get off this site and get out there and make it happen because life is just too short not to.